How To Draw a Bee – Step by Step Guide For Kids

Who doesn’t love honey? It is sweet and yummy. But do you know where does this honey comes from? Honey is produced by honey-bees. Yes, the black-yellow insect you must have seen flying in the garden around the flowers. Bees may not be so cute looking in real life but today we’ll learn how to draw a cute little bee with this step-by-step guide.

Honey-bees are very useful to man. They serve as pollinators and provide honey and bee wax. Bees are very hard-working insects. They fly from flower to flower to gather honey store them in the beehives.

The color of the bee is usually black or brown with a few yellow stripes. It has a small body with a tiny head and two pair of wings.

But before we learn how to draw a bee in this post, here are some fun facts about bees for the kids.

Fun Facts:

  • House of the bee is known as bee-hive.
  • The hive is divided into several hexagonal-shaped cells.
  • Honey bees are very disciplined and live together in colonies in a highly organized manner.
  • In every colony or hive, there are 3 kinds of bees – queen, drones, and workers.
  • Queen bee’s job is to lay eggs.
  • Drones or male bees do nothing except eat honey and mate with the queen.
  • Worker bees are very hard working. They build the hive, collect honey, and protect the queen and hive from enemies.

How To Draw a Bee

How To Draw A Bee


  • How to draw a bee printable (optional)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colors (Yellow, black, white)

Guidelines About the Free Printable:

  • There are 7 steps in the printable.
  • ‘Your Drawing Canvas’ has been provided for your drawing. There is a very light final drawing in this area if you wish to learn by tracing.
  • Follow each step of the tutorial.
  • Trace the drawings given in each step.
  • The color guide is given in the final drawing or you can use the colors of your choice.

Scroll down to grab the free How to draw a bee printable. This printable guide has all the steps which will help you practice anytime you want.

Kids can also watch the animated movie – Bee. The movie is about a bee who decides to sue humans after he learns about the exploitation of bees at the hands of mankind.

In this tutorial of How to Draw a Bee, we are going to draw a cute little cartoon-style bee. There are 7 steps in total for drawing, follow the guide and make your own Bee.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Bee

Step 1:

Let us begin by drawing the head of the bee. For its head, we’ll make a circle. If you want to make a cute bee you can draw this circle a little bigger.

Step 2:

To make the body draw an oval below the circle slightly overlapping it. Erase the part of the oval that overlaps the circle. Make sure the body is smaller than the head.

Step 3:

Bees have 2 sets of wings. We’ll start by making the fore wings (upper wings) on either side of the body.

Draw two oval-shaped wings starting from the point where the head and the body meets to the mid part of the body.

Step 4:

Now we’ll draw the other set of wings. The hind wings (lower wings) are smaller than the fore wings. Draw two small oval-shaped wings below the fore wings.

Step 5:

Let us finish the body of the bee by making a tail. Draw a small inverted triangular tail below the body.

Step 6:

It’s time to draw the details of the body. To make two stripes on the body we’ll draw 4 curvy lines.

Finish the bee by drawing the antennas. Draw two curved lines on top of the head. Lastly, draw circles on top of the lines.

Step 7:

Now complete it by adding details to the face. Draw big round adorable eyes and mouth.

There you go! You have drawn a beautiful little bee. Finish the drawing by adding colors to it. Check out our colored drawing for reference. Bees are normally yellow and black in color.

Click here to download How to Draw a Bee Printable

Some important tips before drawing:

  • Initially draw with a pencil and then move on to draw with a pen or marker.
  • Draw each step lightly, you never know when you have to erase your lines.
  • Use light and a sharp pencil.
  • Always keep an eraser handy.

I hope drawing a bee was easy for you? Bookmark this site for more such drawing tutorials.

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