How to Draw a Cat – Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

Well, who doesn’t love cats? They are just soft little ball of fur. Drawing a cat is also so much easy and fun. There are many ways to draw a cat. But let us begin by drawing a cute cartoonish cat.

This drawing tutorial involves 9 easy step guide which is made specifically for the kids and beginners. You can follow this step-by-step tutorial to draw a cute and simple cat. You can make the changes to ears, tail, legs or wherever you wish. There are no restrictions. Just bring out the inner creativity and learn to draw an awesome cat in no time.

Prefer to follow a video guide? Watch this How to draw a cat video tutorial.

You can download the printable used in the video by scrolling down to the end of the page.

How to Draw a Cat

How to draw a cat

Things needed for drawing a cat:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Colors
  • Eraser
  • How to draw a cat printable (optional)

Points to remember before drawing:

  1. The point of the pencil should be sharp and not blunt.
  2. Firstly, start by drawing with a pencil.
  3. We may have to erase any unnecessary parts of the drawing at the end, so always draw lightly.
  4. A black marker always helps in improving the look of the drawing. After completing the drawing with a pencil, use a marker to darken the lines.
  5. Finally, color the drawing with colors of your choice.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Cat

Step 1:

Let us start by making a circle for the head of the cat.

How to Draw a Cat Step 1

Step 2:

Once the face is done, make an oval shape for the body. Let this oval shape intersect with the circle you made in step 1.

How to Draw a Cat Step 2

Step 3:

Now, let us draw the ears and eye of the cat. Make small triangle shapes on the head. This will be your ears. Make two circles for the eyes.

How to Draw a Cat Step 3

Step 4:

Time to draw the cat’s mouth. Draw a small inverted triangle in the middle of the circle to make the cat’s nose. Draw two small curves below the triangle. Join the curves to the tip of the triangle. With this, we complete the mouth of the cat.

Draw whiskers on either side of the nose.

How to Draw a Cat Step 4

Step 5:

Draw two long u-shaped legs in the front. They will be the front legs of the cat. Small small lines at the bottom to make the claws.

How to Draw a Cat Step 5

Step 6:

Draw two small hind legs. And make lines for the claws.

How to Draw a Cat Step 6

Step 7:

Let us complete the cat by drawing a tail.

How to Draw a Cat Step 7

Step 8:

Now it’s time to give final touches to your cat. Erase the intersecting parts of the drawing. Erase the part of the circle and oval to make one whole body. Lastly, erase the part of the oval which overlaps the front legs.

How to Draw a Cat Step 8

Step 9:

Finally, take a marker and darken the outlines of the cat. This will make your drawing even prettier.

How to Draw a Cat Step 9

Congratulation! You finished drawing your cat. It was so easy, right?

Now, you can color your cat with the color of your choice. You can color with orange, grey, light pink, black or white, or even leave it as it is.

How to Draw a Cat Step 10

Click here to download How to Draw a Cat Printable

Important Tips to Follow Our Printable Guide:

  1. Start by following each and every step.
  2. First, trace the lines in each step. This way you will get enough practice for the final drawing.
  3. Draw the final drawing in ‘Your Drawing Canvas’ section provided.
  4. A light final drawing has been provided to you in the drawing area.

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