How to Draw a Dog – Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

Who would not like to have a pet dog? Dogs are man’s best friend. They are known to be faithful towards humans. We just cannot resist their adorable eyes. They are a cute ball of fur and so full of energy. Playing with a dog, spending time with them, taking him for a walk, and just being with a dog can instantly cheer you up.

Happiness is drawing a dog. Would you like to draw your very own, cute little dog? We have got this How to draw a dog step by step tutorial perfect for kids and beginners. This tutorial consists of 6 steps which are easy to follow and you can make a dog in sitting position quite easily.

To make the drawing of the dog look more adorable, which can interest the kids, I have made a cartoon style dog. This tutorial is quite simple and fun, so you are definitely going to enjoy drawing the dog.

You can even learn to draw this cute cartoon style dog by watching the video below.

Scroll down to grab the free How to draw a dog printable. This printable guide has all the steps which will help you practice anytime you want.

How to Draw a Dog


  • How to draw a dog printable (optional)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Colors
  • Eraser

Guidelines About the Free Printable:

  • There are 6 steps in the printable.
  • Each new step is dotted and highlighted with orange color.
  • ‘Your Drawing Canvas’ has been provided for your drawing. There is a very light final drawing in this area if you wish to learn by tracing.
  • Follow each step of the tutorial.
  • Trace the drawings given in each step.
  • The color guide is given in the final drawing or you can use the colors of your choice.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Dog

Step 1:

Let us begin by drawing the face of the dog. As I mentioned before, we are going to make a cartoon dog, so we will draw the face a little bigger than the body.

Draw a circle and make an arch a little below the center of the circle. This arch will divide the eyes section from the mouth.

Step 1 How to Draw a Dog

Step 2:

Once you are done with the face, move on to the ears. We will draw big droopy ears to make the drawing cuter. Make two oval shapes on either side of the face.

Step 2 Drawing Dog

Step 3:

Now make the front legs of the dog. Draw two slant lines and join it with a circle below. This way draw both the legs.

Step 3 Dog Legs

Step 4:

Let us now draw the body of the dog. Draw curve lines joining the ears and the front legs. Now join the two legs with another small curve.

Step 4 Dog Drawing

Step 5:

Let us finish the body of the dog by making two hind legs. Draw two U that join the body of the dog just beside the front legs. Now make a cute little wiggly tail above the hind legs.

Step 5 Legs and Tails

Step 6:

You can now see that your drawing looks like a dog. Now complete it by adding details to the face. Draw big round adorable eyes above the arch. Make two inverted U one inside the other. Last but not least, draw the nose and mouth of the dog.

Step 6 Face Details

Congratulations! You just drew a dog. I hope it was not hard.

Let us finish up the drawing by adding colors to it. You can give any color to your dog. Here I have preferred keeping it basic for kids, so I have just used brown, black and white.

Step 7 Coloring the dog

Click here to download How to Draw a Dog Printable

Some important tips before drawing:

  • Start by drawing with a pencil and then move on to draw with a marker.
  • Always draw lightly, you never know when you have to erase your lines.
  • Always keep an eraser handy.
  • Use light and a sharp pencil.

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