How to Draw a House – Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

If you ask a kid to draw something, there is a maximum chance that the child will end up drawing a house. And you all know it’s been like a tradition to draw beautiful scenery which involves house, mountains, river, and sun.

Houses are something that interests every kid. There are various funny houses shown in the cartoon, storybooks, movies, etc. Drawing a house is so much fun and easy. So, are you interested in drawing your very own beautiful house?

This drawing tutorial involves 9 steps which are super easy to follow and you can draw a house in no time.

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Let’s get started.

How to Draw a House

How to Draw a House


Things required for drawing a house:

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Colors
  • How to draw a house guide

Points to remember before drawing:

  1. Start drawing with a pencil.
  2. Keep the point of the pencil sharp and not blunt.
  3. Draw lightly, as it will be easy to erase if you make any mistakes.
  4. If needed, use scales to draw straight lines.
  5. After completing the drawing with pencils use a marker to darken the lines. A black marker will help the drawing stand out.
  6. Finally, choose the colors for your drawing.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing a House

Step 1:

Let’s start by drawing the roof first. Draw a triangular shaped small roof without the base.

Step 1 How to draw a house

Step 2:

Draw a horizontal straight line from the apex of the triangle. Now, from the end point of the horizontal line, draw a slant line parallel to the side of the triangle.

Step 2 How to draw a house

Step 3:

Complete the roof by drawing small curves at the bottom, joining the triangle and the slant line. This will complete the big roof of the house.

Step 4:

Now taking the curves as a side, draw a rectangle to form the wall of the house.

Step 5:

Now draw a straight line vertically down from the small roof triangle. Keep the line little above from the lines of the rectangle. Now connect this line and the rectangle using a horizontal line.

Step 6:

For the door, draw two vertical lines from the horizontal line you just drew. Connect the two line with a curve or a semi-circle shape.

Draw a circle above the door in the middle of the triangular shape to form a glass.

Step 6 How to draw a house

Step 7:

Let’s add in some details to the roof. Draw slant lines from the curves to the horizontal line of the roof. With this, we complete the structure of the roof.

Step 7 How to draw a house

Step 8:

Now make a window on the big wall of the house by drawing a small rectangle in the middle of the big rectangle wall.

Step 8 How to draw a house

Step 9:

Complete the window by drawing vertical lines, that will act as bars.

Step 9 How to draw a house

Well done! You just learned how to draw a house. See, wasn’t it very easy with this house drawing tutorial?

Once you have finished drawing the house, you can color it with the colors of your choice. Be creative. Alternatively, you can also download our printable file where we have shared color guidelines.

Step 10 How to draw a house

You can even learn to draw a house and get some inspiration for coloring by watching the video we shared above. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more such drawing tutorials.

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