How to Draw a Panda – Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

Who doesn’t love pandas? They are so cute and cuddly. Be it a child or an adult, everyone goes crazy even seeing a picture of a panda. A video of a panda can make you smile even when you are sad. Having a panda lifestyle is everyone’s dream. We can’t have pandas as a pet and thus we have a panda soft toy to cuddle or play with.

So, I guess you know by now that we are going to learn how to draw a panda in this post. But before that some fun facts for the kids.

Fun Facts:

  • Panda or as we know them Giant Pandas are native to China.
  • They are endangered species and therefore they need to be protected.
  • Their diet mostly consists of bamboos.
  • They are black and white in color.
  • Their eyes have a black patch around them which makes them even more adorable.

So, how many of you have watched Kung Fu Panda series? I guess almost everyone. And who doesn’t love Po? So, let us draw a Po today. In this tutorial of How to Draw a Panda, we are going to draw a cute cartoon style panda. It is quite simple and fun and you will definitely enjoy drawing it. There are 9 steps in total for drawing, follow the guide and make your own Panda.

You can even learn to draw this cute cartoon style dog by watching the video below.

Scroll down to grab the free How to draw a panda printable. This printable guide has all the steps which will help you practice anytime you want.

How to Draw a Panda

How to draw a panda pin

Things you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colors
  • How to draw a panda printable (optional)

Some important tips before drawing:

  • Use a sharp and light pencil.
  • Start by drawing with a pencil and then move on to draw with a marker.
  • Always keep an eraser handy.
  • Draw lightly, you never know when you have to erase your lines.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Panda

Step 1:

Let us start drawing a panda. Draw an oval with a little extra bulge at the bottom. This will be the face of a panda.

Panda Face

Step 2:

Now draw the hands of the panda. It’s just like an oval but instead of joining at the bottom you take a curve upwards to make hands and then join the curve.

Panda hands

Step 3:

The panda that we are drawing is in the sitting position, so draw two circles below the hands on either side. Draw two small circles inside the circles you drew before. Join the circles at the bottom.

Panda Legs

Step 4:

Now, let us draw the body of the panda. Join the hands to the circle with two curves on both sides. Also, join the two circles at the bottom to complete the body. To make it look more realistic draw the body in a way that makes it look fluffy and round.

How to draw a panda

Step 5:

Draw the ears of the panda. For this draw two semi-circles on either side of the face.  The outer semi-circle will be bigger and inner semi-circle will be smaller.

panda ears

Step 6:

Oh, now its time to draw cute adorable panda eyes. Make two slant ovals for the eyes patches. Draw a small semi-circle for the nose and draw to curves from the nose. This will be the mouth of the panda.

Panda eyes

Step 7:

To complete the eyes draw one more small slant oval inside the eye patches. Also, draw small circles inside the oval to finish the eyes.

How to draw a panda

Step 8:

There a panda is almost ready. It is not time to draw the nails of the panda. For that draw three mini circles on each hand.

How to draw a panda step 8

Step 9:

Complete the panda by drawing the paws. Draw the paw prints on each of the round legs we made.

How to draw a panda

Now that you have finished drawing a panda, it’s time to color this cute little ball of fur.

Coloring a panda

Click here to download How to Draw a Panda Printable

Guidelines About the Free Printable:

  • There are 9 steps in the printable.
  • Follow each step of the tutorial.
  • Trace the drawings given in each step.
  • Each new step is highlighted and dotted with orange color.
  • ‘Your Drawing Canvas’ has been provided for your drawing. There is a very light final drawing in this area if you wish to learn by tracing.
  • You can use the colors of your choice while coloring or use the color guide mentioned.

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