How to Draw a Rose – Easy Step by Step Tutorial for Kids

Flowers are one of the prettiest things in the world. Let it be in any size, color, or shape. And who doesn’t love flowers? As a kid, even I loved drawing a flower, they were the simple ones looking somewhat like a daisy. And I guess even today kids love to draw flowers.

Roses are my favorite. They are one of the most gorgeous flowers and are referred to as the symbol of love. Drawing a single rose or dozen of roses is quite easy. If you find it difficult, then you are in the right place. I have made this How to draw a Rose step by step tutorial for kids and beginners.

This 9 step tutorial is super easy to follow and you can draw a rose in no time. Usually, simple roses can be easy to draw but they might not completely look like a rose. So, in this tutorial, you will find some difficult curves and shapes, but I have divided it into small steps making it easier for you to follow.

If you wish to learn by watching a video, here’s How to Draw a Rose video tutorial.

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How to Draw a Rose

Rose Pin



Things you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • How to draw a rose printable (optional)
  • Marker
  • Colors

Guidelines to follow:

  1. Use a light but sharp pencil.
  2. Remember to draw lightly, there may be certain lines and curves which have to be deleted at the end. If you draw harshly, erasing the lines will be difficult and there will be marks left on the paper.
  3. Start by drawing with a pencil.
  4. After completing the drawing with a pencil, use a marker to darken the lines. This will make your drawing even prettier.
  5. Finally, complete the drawing by coloring it with the colors of your choice.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw a Rose

Step 1:

Let us start by making the main body of the rose. Draw a big U shape and extend the ends to give a nice curve to it.

Step 1 for Rose Drawing

Step 2:

Join the two ends of the U with an oval. Make one half of the oval into a pointy end.

Drawing a Rose Step 2

Step 3:

Now draw a curve following the lower border of the oval joining the ends of the U. Join the curve to the oval a little before where the U and oval meets.

Step 3

Step 4:

Now, draw a spiral inside the oval. Draw the spiral in the shape of an oval and not a circle. It will make your inner part of the rose look better.

Spiral Step 4

Step 5:

Draw a petal on the right side of the rose body. For this make a slanted U and join the tips to make a pointy end.

How to Draw a Rose Step 5

Step 6:

Then draw another small petal on the left side of the rose body. Start from the bottom end of the rose body and make a half side of the U in slanted position and then join the top part of this petal to U shaped body. You will see that your rose is ready.

How to Draw a Rose Step 6

Step 7:

Once the rose is complete, let us move on to draw the leaves. Instead of making plain leaves draw zig-zag leaves.

How to Draw a Rose Step 7

Step 8:

Now that the leaves are complete, draw the stem of the rose. Draw two vertical lines from the center of the two leaves with a very little gap in between to make a thin stem.

Step 9:

Erase the part of the U that intersects with the petal we made in step 5. Draw a small vertical curvy line in the middle of the main body of the rose.

How to Draw a Rose Step 9

See, there you have a beautiful rose drawing. Did you find it easy?

Now it’s time to color the rose with the colors of your choice. You can use red, yellow, pink to color the rose. For beginners start with simple plain colors, you can then add some other color for shading if you wish.

Coloring a Rose

Click here to download How to Draw a Rose Printable

Important Tips to Follow Our Printable Guide:

  1. Follow each and every step.
  2. First, trace the drawing in each step. This way you will get enough practice for the final drawing.
  3. A light final drawing has been provided to you in the drawing area.
  4. You can draw in the ‘Your Drawing Canvas’ section provided.
  5. Finally, color the rose in the color of your choice or the color guide given in the printable.

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